Renewal Massage 50 minutes

A massage tailored to your body's needs and to comfort each area of fatigue or stress, an aromatherapy ritual is used to induce a deeper relaxation, balancing the body, mind and soul.


Citric Exfoliation 30 minutes

Enjoy the benefits of natural citrus, will help your skin orange and action against cellulite, as well as revive the Sanguines circulation and a natural element to enjoy on your skin.


Luxury Anti-Age Facial 80 minutes

Stop time in your hands with this intensive treatment for middle-aged skin. Provides a powerful mix of restoring elements against ageing: 100% Pure Caviar with Perl Dust, collagen and elastin that smooth and relax wrinkles.


Fiesta Americana Fusion Massage 80 minutes

A poetic and relaxing massage inspired by the fusion of the best relaxation techniques for your body. Two hands move with unexpected changes in technique to awaken the senses and releasing all of the muscular tension.


Secret Mayan Massage 50 minutes

Since the beginning of time, many cultures used the healing power of stones for spiritual balance and restoration. Mayans thought that stones were filled with energy and vitality when water gently flowed through them. On this premise we created a treatment that melts the healing power of stones with essential oils of the region. During this massage, stones start to balance your energy points eliminating stress and harmonizing your body.