Fusion Massage (80 minutes)

Hands healing power arises a mystery of real dimensions: sensation of wellness and pleasure through aromatherapy, that combines ancient healing techniques for body and soul like swedish, acupressure and lomi-lomi Massages. Feel beyond reality.


Swedish Massage (50 Minutes)

Classic treatment that uses gentle muscle massage techniques paired with carefully chosen oils. A sudden sense of renewal will overtake your body as your circulation and flexibility return to their ideal states.


Agave Scrub (30 Minutes)

After enjoying a magnificent day in the sun, replenish your skin¿s natural moisture using the hydrating properties found in Agave. This treatment calms, softens and helps rehydrate your skin while restoring its elasticity.


Apple Temptation Facial (50 minutes)

An innovative treatment and product line formulated with anti-aging nutrients for the face. Apple plant stem cells penetrate the skin´s surface to delay aging and sun damage caused by UV rays, preserving the active life of epidermal cells. This treatment restores a youthful and more vital appearance to the skin.


Coffee Ritual (80 minutes)

The treatment begins with a fresh exfoliation that removes dead skin cells and increases circulation. Next is a body wrap with coffee and seaweed extracts. To seal the treatment, enjoy an application of a delightful and aromatic jasmine lotion, or relax with an invigorating massage with essential oils that in sure to renew your spirit.