Aromatherapy Massage 50 minutes

Soft massage techniques applied with essential lavander oil that helps your body to eliminate the muscular tension.


Hot Stones Massage 80 minutes

Smooth river rocks are strategically placed on your body-s energy centers.


Tropical Mango + Maracuyá Exfoliation 30 min

Enjoy a passion fruit and mango aromatherapy experience, while anti-ageing foam applied eliminating dead cells and toxins on your skin.


Anti-Age Facial 50 minutes

Facial designed for fragile and intolerant skin. This treatment immediately calms different types of discomfort and incorporates the active ingredients to restore the skin-s defenses.


Sensation Massage 80 min

All the properties of the sea on your skin. Receive This nutrient rich massage reaping the benefits of Lemon-Grass as oil and Hawaiian Lomi-Lomi technique.