Wayak 80 minutes

"Vision in a dream," experience a fusion of 4 massage techniques in a session of 80 minutes; relaxing, Lomi lomi, hot stones and lymphatic drainage. Excellent choice for a deep state of relaxation, thanks to the thermotherapy applied by herbal compresses and hot stones. It also helps to purify the soul, due to the benefits of myrrh and incense; we do it as the Mayas used to in Pre-Hispanic times.


Royal Jelly and Vitamin C - 50 minutes

Moisturizes ·Purifies ·Balances ·Prevents aging for a Radiant Skin.


Marine Exfoliation 30 minutes

Treatment that accelerates the process of elimination and cell regeneration. The skin is gently exfoliated with sea salts, to provide a smooth appearance. Exfoliation is recommended to get a nice and long lasting tan.


Deep Tissue 50 or 80 minutes

Ideal for people suffering deep contractions, and for athletes, because it relieves or reduces pain and muscle tension. This promoting the relaxation of the body. Deep slow pressure manipulations.


Apple Cinnamon Couple Experience 120 minutes

The ideal experience for couples, we created a room with a magic ambience to live an unforgettable experience. Begin in a Swiss shower with apple & cinnamon exfoliating salts. Continue with a couples relaxing massage. Complete this experience enjoying an aphrodisiac tea with your loved one in a hot tub under the stars.