Excellent dining is only a part of the experience in one of the best vacation spots in Mexico.

On your Mexico trip, you'll find Chetumal to be a dreamy, coastal city, where seafood is the specialty with such dishes, as -pan de cazon,- originally from Campeche, and tikinxic fish, originally from Yucatan. Also, there are beachfront shrimp tacos, freshly grilled catch of the day, and citrusy ceviche. Chetumalean cuisine also includes meats and poultry, and some wild animals are also considered delicacies, like deer and the native pacas (tepezcuintles in Mexico), seasoned with different chili pepper pastes called -recados.- Of course, Mexican food is also a popular choice. An after-dinner delight is dulce de ciricote, dulce de nance or dulce de papaya, tropical fruits in syrup seasoned with cinnamon.

What adds to Chetumal's greatness as a foodie city is its strong influence of Belize, being so close in proximity. For that reason, they share some traditional dishes, like the famous rice and beans. Prepared with rice and bananas, fried in coconut oil, served with beans and chicken, and seasoned with coconut milk. There are also meat pies made with ground beef and chili.